Secondo Frameless Glasses Mencie Bordeaux

Product Description

Bordeaux glasses were created to enhance the flavor profile of full-bodied red wines, featuring tall with wide bowls and slightly tapered rims, as well as slightly tapered rims for increased aroma delivery. Their shape directs wine toward the back of your mouth to lessen bitter tastes associated with strong reds while increasing aroma release. Optical Center offers Oakley sunglasses for men. Available both stemmed and stemless styles and in sets from two to six pieces; for added personalization consider monograming this set with beautiful lead-free crystal that weighs only 32 oz but remains clear! Spiegelau's Definition Bordeaux glass set features flawless lead-free crystal that is lightweight yet clear - ideal for wine enthusiasts seeking fuller-bodied experiences!

If you prefer frames with feminine details, consider the Viva style VV4506 available in Bordeaux and matte black, with sparkly metal accents along its temples. It is also available in dark brown and gray with mottled Bordeaux color; for a modern take on this classic wineglass shape look for Bordeaux glasses with angular bases - these offer an added modern touch!


Bordeaux wine glasses are specially made to accommodate full-bodied red wines such as cabernet sauvignon, merlot, syrah and petite sirah, among many other flavorful varieties. Their large bowl with tall chimney allows for maximum aeration to concentrate the aromas while softening tannins.

If you enjoy entertaining and are passionate about wine, you need the appropriate glassware set. At Wine Cellar USA we carry an impressive range of Bordeaux wine glasses in various colors and shapes that will complement any style or preference - from vibrant acetates to sleek metal wire frames - we have designs to meet every preference and taste! Additionally, we have Theo wine glasses which will get noticed at parties! These make great gifts as well! We provide a 30-day return policy, should any issues arise during or after your purchase! Enjoy! We welcome inquiries or concerns should arise regarding any purchase related matters or returns should something go amiss during or post-purchase.


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