How to fill your prescription

How to fill your prescription information content?   

When ordering prescription glasses from Frameless Eyeglasses, it is IMPERATIVE that you provide us with the correct information.

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you fax or email us a copy of your actual prescription, to let our experts read it, and design your custom glasses.

We also give you the option to fill in your prescription information online, available at any product page.

Here are some examples of what your prescription might look like:

Eyeglasses Prescription 

Some prescription terms:

  • SPH or Sphere – Indicates the strength of the prescription, in DIOPTER
  • CYL or Cylinder – Indicates ASTIGMATISM
  • AXIS – Indicates the degree of rotation of the cylindrical lens (CYL). Should be between 1° and 180°
  • OD – Indicates Oculus Dexterous (Right Eye)
  • OS – Indicates Oculus Sinister (Left Eye)
  • Plus (+), Minus (-) It is very important that you provide us with the + or – signs, as mentioned in your prescription

Caution: Please double check and triple check your prescription inputs, when you send in your prescription through our online form.